Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Cleaning, phase 1

We spent Christmas Day cleaning out the china closet under the stairs. It has been a job that I've put off and put off and yesterday I could not take it anymore. So with the background of "The Christmas Story" on TBS, we started hauling things out and separating them into the good stuff, thrift store stuff, fundraiser stuff and trash. I say we, because I had the constant and interested assistance of the heathen cats. They are fascinated by the little room under the stairs that normally is off-limits and they were eager to explore every time my back was turned.

At one point, I decided to move the replacement florescent tube lights I keep on hand for the kitchen to the hot water heater closet. You might have thought I had suddenly produced a rabbit from a hat. Boo and Scout had no idea that there was a room in the house they had not yet seen. They were awe-struck.

At the end of the day I had a straightened china closet, a straightened hutch (the jumble of cookbooks within are in a momentary state of order), a pile of things to take to the thrift store, and two boxes of items I had separated out for my aunt and cousin, who just happened to drop by late in the day to remove them from the premises. The house continues in a state of relative clean. Despite the best efforts of the heathen cats.


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