Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shaking Things Up

Naturally I couldn't stand not having my new chaise where I could use it, so today I've been rearranging the family room so it could be moved in. After I bathe two dirty little dogs here in a little bit, I plan to stretch out and enjoy myself for an hour or two.

The heathen cats have been mesmerized by the shifting of their environment. They have clambered over everything that has been moved, checking each piece of furniture or knick knack. They have been frustrated that something may move multiple times before it comes to a final rest, so just as they think they know where everything is, Mom throws them another curve.

I decided to reactivate a little fountain temporarily and that really got their attention.

I'm sure by the end of the day all of the rocks will be lying in the floor. I would not wish my so called helpers on my worst enemy. They are beginning to think Mom has rechristened them "Stop that!" and "Get down from there".

If they knew I am planning to order in a supply of Soft Paws, they would probably be packing their little bags.

Dog baths, Mom bath, good book, amaretto and Sprite, chaise.


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RMG said...

There's that fine-looking yellow tom again!