Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Have An Announcement

You are all invited to come over to my house and wash some clothes or use the bathroom. As of about 3PM this afternoon, I ceased being in the septic business and got myself connected to the sewer. It's taken every bit of the 8 to 10 weeks they estimated, with three different work crews appearing at distant intervals. Yesterday I arrived home to find the yard full of promise.

I told myself not to hope, because I've had bits and pieces of the WCID's property strewn about my yard for weeks, but lo and behold they reappeared this morning and kept at it until the job was done. There is still clean up to do and septic tanks to be filled, but as for me and my house, we are back in business. No more laundromat!

I am enjoying getting my backlog of laundry processed this evening. My crankiness factor has improved dramatically. This might just push me a little closer to some Christmas spirit.


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RMG said...

You're right! Nothing says Christmas time like a new sewage hook-up. Glad to hear your sewer troubles are at an end.