Thursday, October 04, 2007

That Devil Cold Bug

Just a quick check in to let you know that I'm still kicking, 'tho feebly. This cold has been particularly nasty, settling in my ears and refusing to leave. I hear everything, but it's like my head is wrapped in thick cloth. About once every 3-4 hours, everything turns loose in my head and I briefly clear up, only to start immediately stopping up again.

This bug had better move out soon, because it is playing havoc with my diet will power. My taste buds are dulled and the only things that sound good are things that are not on my diet. When you feel as bad as I have been feeling, you really don't care to deny yourself what sounds like it might make you feel better. So far I haven't lost any ground, but little cheats lead to big cheats and the next thing you know you're in trouble.

I missed a day's work on Monday, which threw my whole internal schedule out of whack and I realized yesterday when I got to work that it was Wednesday and I had failed to stop in Bastrop for my chiropractic adjustment before I left town. I do so hate to have to call the doctor's office and apologize for missing an appointment.

My evenings have been very short. I think up something quick and fast for supper, get Mother settled in bed, clean the kitchen (sort of) and head upstairs for bed. I feel like I've lost a whole week somewhere.

I warned you I've been sick. This has been running through my head for almost a week. Three Stooges Teach the Alphabet.

Enough already. Cold, cold, go away.


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