Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grand Old Lady

Today I had an opportunity to take a small side trip while passing through Gonzales to visit a beautiful house that I have coveted for over 30 years. I was pleased to see that she has been taken care of and still remains a beauty to behold.

I had the chance to go inside once when there was an estate sale about to take place. I can remember standing on the 1st level of the circular corner and thinking what a fabulous place that would be to place a baby grand piano.

Back when I knew her, the house was painted an olive green. I was prepared to see her decaying body when I followed my impulse to detour down the street where she lives. I was relieved to see her wearing a new coat of bright yellow and looking every bit as grand as I remembered her.

I still covet that house. Long may she stand.


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