Tuesday, September 04, 2007


She's back! Charlotte disappeared for a few days, but turned up a little farther down the sidewalk where she has been building lovely orb webs again. Today when I got home, the web was covered in tiny rain drops that were hard to photograph (mainly because my lens kept fogging over), but I think this gives an indication of the superior workmanship.

The report on my back is cautiously optimistic. The doctor worked me in early this morning and made my back and neck snap and crackle several times. At this point, it's not so bad so long as I don't sit down. Something about the sitting position really aggravates this new problem. It's an improvement, so I'm hoping that things will be getting better.

I had a call late last week telling me that Xana's footprint was ready. I had no idea that the vet clinic had taken an imprint before her cremation. Turns out this is a surprise thing they do as a memorial present. I was delighted to get it. And while I was there picking it up, I discovered that the small animal portion of the hospital will be moving next month up the highway a little ways into brand new facilities. They've already hired a fourth doctor (another young woman, which will please the kids). I feel like I have personally paid for one of the 6 new exam rooms, so I have a certain proprietary interest. They are good folks and I'm glad to see them moving up. Hopefully their prices won't move up as well.

I continue to find new treasures in the fresh supply of photos. Here's one, circa 1956, taken of a very cute little girl outside of Aunt Fay's house.


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