Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Passing Comments

The wee ones have made it through their first week of diet and I am seeing some signs that tell me we are on the right path. Their energy level is up for one thing. And I think I am seeing the faintest sign of a waist indention on Mojo. I know it made a tremendous difference in my energy level to stop packing along what essentially was a 2-year-old on my back. Mojo isn't entirely convinced, but Mommy is standing firm.

In other news, I discovered yet another new author. Jacqueline Winspear I discovered by accident due to a discounted audiobook. Her series character Maisie Dobbs is a young woman who served as a nurse during World War I and carries along the burden of what she saw on the battlefields in France. The setting is 1930 and she has set up a private investigation service in London. Her main strength is her ability to read people. Her ongoing struggles with the past are especially poignant, since the reader knows it is only a few years before World War II commences. I am hooked again when I already had piles of unread books towering over me. Yesterday I made a dash to the bookstore to acquire the remaining three books in the series. Thankfully there are only the four out at this point. I usually discover authors when they are releasing their twentieth in a series.

My ongoing septic issues will continue for another 8-10 weeks before the sewer hookup is accomplished and I can leave that particular worry behind me forever. But that also means I will be frequenting the local laundromat for several more weeks. I cannot express the joy that brings.


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