Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mommy's in the Dog House

The wee ones are not happy with their mommy tonight. Today was annual checkups. They each ended up with 3 needle sticks - rabies, a dental vaccine, and blood test for heartworms. They each got major nail trims. They each had their temperature taken. And they each had their little bodies pressed and poked and in general felt they had been violated.

To add insult to injury, Mommy and the doctor discussed putting them on a diet to each lose 2 pounds.

Oh, we were unhappy little puppy dogs.

Then, just as we got back home, Mommy took off with Uncle David and Aunt Karen and spent most of the afternoon away, when they both felt I should have piled into the chair with them and let them nap off their horrible morning.

I didn't realize how badly I had offended them until we were all back together in the house several hours later. Mojo demanded to get in my lap and then started giving me the evil looks out of the side of his eye and growling under his breath. I had failed him miserably and he was making it as plain as day that he was going to have to have major apologies to make up for it.

They finally agreed to let me extend lavish apologies and then they sacked out where they could watch me and took extended naps. When they woke up, I offered to take them for a walk and went to lift them down from the comfy nap chair. Ohmigod. They wimpered every time I touched them. They hobbled to the door. When I suggested we go to the neighbors' green, lush grass for our outing, they told me we were going down the gravel road because I owed them. Big time. They limped down the yard to the gravel road, stopping every so often to look at me balefully.

Master manipulators. And they know they have me right where they want me. Feeling guilty as all get out. I think I'm going to be sleeping in the dog house while they snuggle into my cushy pillows tonight.

Thank heavens we only do this once a year.


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