Sunday, September 02, 2007

Getting Nowhere in a Painful Hurry

About a week ago I threw something out in my back. It's a different something than the chiropractor was already treating me for, this one up high in my shoulders. The pain in my back is one thing, but it is generating shooting pains into my head that are leaving me holding my head in my hands and groaning on an irregular basis. The chiropractor got the first round put into its place with a well-placed pop in my back and a twist in my neck. But it's back, and on a holiday weekend.

I had plans to get some things done this weekend. Even took Friday off to extend it into 4 days. But yesterday whatever it is slipped out of place again and I can't sit, stand, or lie down comfortably. I've tried aspirin, Tylenol, Advil and some leftover pain medicine from a past dental procedure. Nothing is helping.

So I'm napping and trying to keep activity to a minimum. When I do get up to prepare a meal or put on a load of washing, it takes about 10 minutes before the pain grabs me again. I'm pinning my sights on Tuesday morning when I plan to throw myself on the mercy of the chiropractor and hope I can get in for an unscheduled adjustment.

The dogs are beside themselves. They are used to their gran being in pain, but having Mommy moaning and groaning and taking to her bed has them in a state of nervous apprehension. I've received innumerable puppy kisses as they attempt to make it all better. When I lie down to nap, I have two cuddly little bodies curled against me.

So much for holiday plans. Sometimes your body tells you it's time to take a sabbatical. I shall be out of commission until further notice.


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