Sunday, September 09, 2007


When I was a kid, I was told on several occasions that I had the "Mobley mouth", in essence because of my plump lower lip:

I decided to go through my family photos and pay particular attention to the lips of the women. What I found was that it probably is true that I got my mouth from the Mobley line. Most of the women in my lineage are thin-lipped. These two, however, seem to share my mouth.

The first is my great-grandmother Cora Mobley Hodge. The second is her sister Sallie. Their mother does not have the plump lips, which I guess means we didn't get it from the Morgan branch. I could not find any of the Mobley men with this characteristic. Wish I had some photos of Uncle Mac's daughters to see if this physical trait went down that branch as well.

Just makes you wonder about how these things get passed down the line.


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