Wednesday, August 29, 2007


More photographic treasures that have surfaced.

Little boy sleeping is, I believe, my uncle H.G. Jr., aka Son, aka Grady, aka Unkie. Poor man has been labeled Unkie all his life thanks to the firstborn niece (me) who could not say the word "uncle" properly. I'm really sorry about that. I think I was the one who also coined PawPaw and MawMaw to address my grandparents. I was bad news when it came to creating nicknames. The grandkids who came along years and years later probably never knew where those names came from.

A row of cousins, about 1942 or so. The boy at far left is probably Bobby Kunkel. Proceeding up the line is Jo Branton, and Hodge kids Nettie, the aforementioned Unkie, and Bettye Kathryn. This photo was taken on the "Brundige place" outside Elgin.

I will have to do a comparison one day soon to show how much alike all we Hodge girls are. I looked just like my mother at the same age and she looked like her mother. Again, who needs DNA studies? We couldn't deny our relationship if our lives depended upon it.


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