Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hay Fever and High Cotton

Is it just me or is the sight of a field full of freshly baled hay rather artistic? There's a spot in the road where I come around the corner and there's nothing but round hay bales to be seen. I love it. Later on down the way there's a place where they are making square bales and they are just as pretty to the eye. Something about the blue sky above, the green mown hay and the dusty brown of the bales. Right purty.

In between the fields of hay are the fields of rapidly maturing cotton. In the past I've never been up close and personal with cotton and usually haven't even noticed it until the defoliant has been applied and there is nothing but sticks and white clumps to be seen just before they harvest. But this year I've watched the cotton plants grow and there is real beauty there. I'm sure to someone who ever had to pick cotton by hand, like my parents and grandparents, that beauty is not what they see but rather the hours of toil ahead. But the lush green, sprinkled with the clumps of white is a lovely sight. Especially since I know that these days the work is done by machine.

This morning finds us wondering just where Charlotte has gone. She has not been at her post for a couple of days and I fear that some predator has cut her days short. Or maybe she got tired of me bending down to check on her and moved along.

And Mojo discovered this morning that a frog is living in the Asiatic Jasmine. He's been jumpy ever since, listening hard for the sounds of movement in the vines. He's not real sure that thing belongs there and he comes to me for assurance that it isn't a dog-getter.

Meanwhile, I have succumbed to the addiction that is Diner Dash. It's been a long time since I've become ensnared by a computer game and this one has reeled me in. I played the freebies online until I had mastered the limited versions and yesterday went and bought the real thing. I've been happily dishing up the grub in all my free moments. I've got many levels yet to conquer, but I'm already thinking about putting Diner Dash 2 and Diner Dash 3 on my Christmas wish list.



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