Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Give Me a Dog's Life

I had an unexpected day working at home and it made the wee ones very happy to have Mom sitting at her desk where they could keep an eye on her. I swear they know my schedule better than I do and it gives them great joy to have a sudden extra Mom day. They napped hard most of the day, sprawled on the big red chair. During a rare break in their nap, I snapped a couple of pictures. Coco doesn't like having the camera pointed at her, which is a shame since she's so photogenic. (Doesn't this look like your typical Glamour Shots pose?)

Mojo, on the other hand, doesn't mind posing as long as Mom wants him to. (That's a chew toy beside him, in case you might think he has another injured leg.)

At least three times during the day we went out and romped in the side yard. Coco goes stone deaf when she doesn't want to hear what I'm saying and our latest conflict has to do with a certain dead frog. She found him under a tree a couple of days ago and rolled around on him until she was full of eau de composted froggie. I made it a point to remove the carcass with a shovel early the next morning, pitching it far into the briar patch behind the house. She was very put out with me when she discovered it missing and went around the yard with her nose up until she caught the scent. Ever since then I have been trying to keep her from burrowing into the briar patch to retrieve him.

This girl can hear me say the words "want a bite?" when I'm whispering in the kitchen and she's upstairs in the farthest corner of the house. But she can't hear me when I'm standing over her yelling at her to leave the dead frog alone.

I have no idea what the neighbors think. But I know I have a couple of happy dogs tonight.


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