Saturday, August 11, 2007

Burn Out Recovery

Since the trip to Salt Lake City back in April, I have been suffering from a generalized burn out and a specific genealogy research burn out. The months leading up to the trip had been a mad whirlwind of updating my computer files and that added to the 4 days of intense library digging drove me to the point of exhaustion. When I got back to Texas, I consciously decided on a 2-month moratorium on research in an attempt to cure myself. It has extended into a 3-1/2 month period in which not much has taken place to build on my knowledge of family history. I've accumulated a pile of paper, both from the Salt Lake trip and from the contributions of Internet co-researchers, and while it is pleasing to have the new records available, it has added to my discomfort to know that I'm falling further and further behind.

So last weekend I started sorting the stack and filing the easier items to place in the correct notebooks and adding notes to my computer files. The stack did not decrease much, but there was a modicum of satisfaction in taking a few baby steps back into the genealogy arena. I'm being careful not to push myself too hard so I don't have a burnout relapse.

This week I also made contact with a new Internet cousin in the Mobley line who has reminded me that one needs to go back and recheck Internet sources that have not been visited in a long time. He was the one that found an obituary I have long been looking for in a place I've searched before but many years ago.

For many years we Mobley researchers have speculated where Lucretia Dunkin Mobley was buried and thanks to this obituary we finally have our answer. Great-great-great Grandfather Reason Mobley's obituary mentions that he is to be buried next to his first wife. His marker had already been located and documented, but Lucretia either never had a marker or it has been lost over time. It is satisfying to finally know that our speculations that she too was buried at Macedonia Baptist Cemetery were correct. I hope to be able to visit her gravesite on a planned trip for next spring to parts of the Deep South.

This fresh find has given me a booster shot of genealogy enthusiasm and I think I'm ready to get back into the saddle, so to speak. I have more ancestors to find!


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