Friday, July 06, 2007

A Tale of Two Purses

Today found me back in the waiting room at the Ford dealership. Yesterday, about half-way back home from the office, my "Service Engine Soon" light came on and I don't mess around with those kinds of warnings. I've had transmission problems in the past and I was very afraid that I might be headed that direction. So my first errand of the day was to find out how bad the news was going to be.

I always go to the waiting room equipped to entertain myself, as I've mentioned before. I wasn't really in the mood for the portable DVD player, so I spent the first hour finishing my Nancy Drew history. Then I debated what to do next.

For some unfathomable reason, I had pitched a knitting kit into my carry bag that has been accumulating dust for about two or three years. I had special ordered this kit and then been overwhelmed by the first instruction, promptly put it back for "later" and there it has sat all this time. Today was the day I finally felt up to the challenge.

First, let us digress a bit. Many years ago, about 10-12 I would estimate, there was a shop out at the Alum Creek Antique Center that was run by a little old lady who specialized in vintage linens and clothing. I loved that store and would hit it about once a month. She carried a few antique purses and one day I fell in love with one of them. It was a knitted, beaded bag in a deep blue color, lined with silk, and way, way out of my budget. I drooled. I lusted. I accepted that I could not afford to indulge myself.

That lovely purse was apparently out of everyone's price range, because it hung there tempting me for months. Then one day I got word that the lady was preparing to close her shop and was having a sale. Since I figured I was probably the last one to get the word, I prepared myself for the possibility that the purse would be gone or not included in the sale. I hastened to the store at the first opportunity to check. To my amazement, it was still there and marked down to half the original price. I snatched it up so fast that I created a breeze in the store.

The kit I ordered was for making a pair of earrings in the shape of tiny, knitted, beaded bags. The picture reminded me so of the antique purse that I decided I would order the kit and make a miniature version to put in one of my dollhouses. But the instructions made me panic. Today I decided I would figure the thing out or give up knitting.

Turns out that beaded knitting isn't such a big deal after all. During my second and third hours in the Ford waiting room, I created my miniature purse. The most difficult thing about the project was that my aging eyes make working with miniature yarn and needles a real problem. I would have to take off my glasses to be able to see the stitches, put on my glasses to read the next line of instructions, take off my glasses, etc., etc. But I persevered and now I have the antique purse and its mini counterpart.

I had a lot of fun and, since it was intended for earrings, I still have enough thread and beads for a second one.

The time in the waiting room passed quickly and the best part was the news that the faulty valve that had caused my "Service Engine Soon" light to come on was covered by my extended warranty. I just had to cough up the deductible.

I was in serious danger yesterday of blowing a gasket at the office. I rather think that someone up there pulled some strings to force me to have a calm, enjoyable and creative couple of hours. I feel much better now.


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