Friday, July 20, 2007


Regrets, I have a few. Actually I have a bunch, but we won't go there today.

If I lived in Austin and if I weren't tied to the house with steel bands, I would take myself down to BookPeople tonight for the midnight Harry Potter party. I always loved a good masquerade party and I adore bookstores and since this will be the last of the release parties it would be fun to indulge. However, I don't live in Austin and I am tied to the house, so I guess we will have our own little party at home. Let's see, now, which character shall I be?

For myself, I think I will take the part of Professor McGonagall. Second in command at Hogwarts. Efficient, no-nonsense teacher but with a sense of humor and a secret fondness for Harry. Hogwarts would not function well without her.

Mother I think I will cast in the part of Arabella Figg, Harry's squib neighbor when he is living with the Dursleys. In the background, keeping an eye on things.

Coco will play Ginny Weasley, the little redhead who is a whiz-bang at Quidditch, requiring speed and coordination.

Mojo I see in the role of Dobby the house-elf who adores Harry and would do anything for him. Unless it's right after he wakes up in the morning when he acts more like Kreacher, who goes around muttering and complaining and threatening to do dire things.

Scout will play Luna Lovegood, a likeable and loyal witch who is floating through life a little off plumb.

Boo reminds me a little of Nagini the snake. Loyal to his master, slithering around the house, and deadly with that ever-present, tasting tongue.

Gainsborough and Bob can be pixies.

Wish I had the book to read tomorrow, but I refused to cough up the extra shipping costs for guaranteed delivery from Amazon. So we will just have our little party in anticipation. I'm just hoping to avoid all spoilers until I can experience the book for myself.

Accio, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


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