Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Fun Than the Law Allows

There is a line in an old Kristofferson song that goes something like "I've enjoyed about as much of this as I can stand". That's the sentiment that comes to mind after the last couple of weeks.

So, tonight we betook of that lovely entertainment facility called the ER at Smithville Hospital. Mother developed two sores on her foot in a matter of 24 hours that concerned me. While she is not a diabetic like her mother was, I can't help recalling what kind of serious issues my grandmother had with open sores on her feet that would not heal. I put in a call to the nurse at the doctor's office and received the advice to get her to the ER and have them evaluated.

Since we are connoisseurs of the SRH ER, I went prepared for a long evening. I had a book, a crossword puzzle collection, several catalogs and a magazine or two in my bag. Even so, I wasn't sure I had enough. I made sure I had some dollars bills for the vending machines. I packed a bag and took it along in the event that Mother was admitted. I carried along her medicine bottles and a pile of insurance papers. I am a professional ER habitue and I don't mess around.

This time was one of the rare times that we happened in when there were no car wrecks, heart attacks, or screaming children ahead of us. We waltzed right in to the evaluation room, were in an ER bay within 20 minutes and were discharged in less than 2-1/2 hours. The sores were not of critical concern and were cleaned and dressed. A tetanus shot was administered to be on the safe side. Antibiotics were prescribed. We were on our way back home in record time.

It could have been worse. Not that any time spent there is fun. What next?


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