Monday, July 30, 2007

I Have Been Remiss

The weekend was not such a good one, so it was not until today when I looked at my calendar that I realized I forgot to acknowledge the 1 year birthday of the heathen cats on Saturday. When I announced my intention this afternoon of getting a photo of them for the occasion, I was met with resistance.

Scout said I bored her.

Boo said "catch me if you can".

It took me about 8 shots to get one that was halfway passable of Scout.

Boo finally agreed to let me document his regalness.

Their favorite hangout is the garage, as you can see. Scout is the indispensible helper cat, making every trip up and down the stairs with me as I do the laundry or housecleaning. Boo is my lap baby and would love to spend his days sitting in my lap and licking my arm. I can only take about 5 minutes of that rough tongue before he gets summarily ejected, but in a few minutes he will be back, purring his little heart out.

No home should be without a cat or two. Life would be dull without them.



dwilcoxen said...

Boo is truly regal and above our trifling foolishness, but I agree Scout is getting more interested in supervising. As if two rat terriers weren't enough!

R Ging said...

Hey cousin, where did you get such a fine-looking yellow and white cat? Better watch out for cat-burglars. (like mom)You know mom is a collector of fine yellow and white cats.