Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How Do You Cure Stupid?

Some folks seem to have a death wish. I saw two guys yesterday who are living on borrowed time.

When little brother got his motorcycle, I wasn't particularly happy about it. Seems to me that if you ride a motorcycle, it's not if you will have an accident but when. However, he is a careful driver, wears his protective gear, and doesn't do stupid things when he's riding it. I still worry, especially about the other drivers on the road, but I feel like he's doing everything possible to avoid catastrophe.

Not the two guys I saw yesterday on Highway 79, heading out of Round Rock toward Hutto on a couple of smallish, whiny bikes. They did have on helmets - but that was it for protection. They were otherwise in T-shirts and shorts. I pulled up behind them at a red light and had a bird's-eye view of their take off. They had not gone but a few feet when the idiot on the right stood up in the stirrups, gunned his motor and popped a wheelie for several yards down the highway. When he finally landed, he was driving highway speeds, looking back over his shoulder and grinning at the idiot on his left. They both continued to weave back and forth, shouting to each other and paying little attention to where they were headed. No. 1 nitwit felt compelled to pop yet another wheelie.

My first thought was to hope that they didn't kill themselves until after I had passed them, because I really didn't have time to stick around and give a witness report to the cops. Thankfully they turned off after a couple of miles and I breathed a sigh of relief as I went on my way.

Mark my words, one or both of them will land in the hospital or a coffin if they don't grow some smarts in one hell of a hurry. If they end up dead, it's their own dumb fault. I only feel sorry for the poor folks who are around to see it when it happens.


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