Monday, July 09, 2007

Coco Learns a Lesson

Coco is not a happy camper tonight. As has become our custom, we headed out to the side yard for a play session after supper. It started out well, but we had barely begun when she indulged herself in chasing flying things. She loves to chase butterflies and moths, but today she went after what I think was a red wasp. I saw a flash of flickering red, Coco jumped and began rubbing her face in the grass and then scratching her nose.

Poor baby has a red knot on her upper lip and flinches whenever I try to check on it. I tried dabbing on a little bit of meat tenderizer paste, but of course she promptly licked it off. She settled for sitting in Mom's lap and getting lots of sympathetic cuddling.

I guess everyone has to learn that some things you just don't stick your nose into.


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