Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bleah, part 2

More &$#!(@ rain.

This morning I was required to make a dash to Austin to get a prescription filled that nobody in Bastrop could seem to handle this month. This particular prescription is a pain in the butt because nobody keeps on hand the strength that Mother takes and I have to jump through hoops to get it filled before she exhausts her previous month's supply. HEB blew it this month and failed to get the order placed correctly, so off I had to go to Austin on a dark and dreary day to the one pharmacy I can count on to always have the needed pills on hand. It used to be a convenient alternative when I worked in Austin. Now that I'm in Round Rock, these months when HEB fumbles the ball are a major source of stress in my life.

On the way back to Bastrop the rain started and it hasn't stopped all day.

As if my day hadn't started off in the basement, this is the day I had made an appointment for Mother to get a haircut. She's been nagging me non-stop for two weeks to take her and I wasn't about to reschedule because I so wanted her to clam up on the subject. Besides which both of us had new glasses to pick up and Texan Eye Care is next door to our hairdresser. So at 3:30 we loaded her up and took off. Our first stop went relatively well, even though Mother kept trying to fall asleep in her chair while they were fitting her new glasses. Then, just as we arrived in the beauty shop, the clouds opened up and it rained for the next hour in a manner that would make a hurricane proud.

There seemed to be no end of the rain in sight, so we elected to get drenched and go on home. If you've never loaded a handicapped person into a vehicle in the pouring rain and then had to load their wheelchair before you can get out of the rain yourself - well, you just haven't lived. Then you get to do it in reverse when you get home. More fun than a barrelful of monkeys. And the whole time I was also worrying about my little dog at home who is terrified of thunder. We got home, completely soaked to the skin, and then came the ordeal of getting Mother back into bed, the puppy dog soothed and myself into dry clothes. Who needs an exercise program? I am completely exhausted.

Ok, I've always said I will not complain about rain because I know what July and August will be like. But enough, already. This is the first year ever I have not had to watch my yard burn to a crisp and that's good. But I'm beginning to develop mildew behind my ears and that's bad. And the weather forecast is continued rain.

I think it's time for a great big drink and to bed.


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