Saturday, June 02, 2007

Unusual Things

Boo Cat has demonstrated an unusual talent this week. Over the course of the last week, what with the rain and new house construction going on in the neighboring lot, we've seen a sudden influx of scorpions. The odd thing is, of the 3 that have been observed inside the house, one was barely alive and the other two were pulverized before I got to them. I couldn't figure out what was going on at first.

And then I observed Boo when he encountered a tuft of grass that had been tracked into the house. He approached it cautiously and then slapped it with his paw a couple of times before deciding it was nothing he needed to be concerned with. I've decided the mangled scorpions I've been finding are his handiwork. I knew that cat had to have some redeeming quality.

In other things unusual this week, I discovered another cemetery in Bastrop County that had slipped under my radar. I was sitting at a stoplight in Elgin and noticed some graves in the distance, so naturally had to make an unplanned side trip to scope out this unknown burial ground. It turned out to be the Elgin Latin Cemetery. I was going to take a photo of the sign for Find a Grave and leave, when I noticed an odd structure at the far side of the cemetery. It turned out to be a burial plot with a very elaborate monument.

There are several graves inside the structure. I am impressed with the work of whoever conceived and constructed such an elaborate memorial. In fact, there are several graves in this cemetery that have been decorated in unusual and impressive style. While I have no reason to revisit this cemetery, having no family buried here, I was glad I decided to explore and learn more about another cemetery in Bastrop County.


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