Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rainy Days Are Here Again

My two days of vacation were blessed with fair weather and I got to run around a bit. This morning, as I headed back to work, the skies opened up and, as Andy Griffith would say once upon a time, it came a frog-strangler. Between Elgin and Coupland I could barely see the road. It occurred to me for a few minutes that I should just pull into the little drive-in grocery at Coupland and either wait for the rain to let up or turn around and head for home.

However, today was the day scheduled for the annual celebratory lunch for those of us who managed to survive the May work crush. The company picks up the tab at the restaurant of our choice and everyone who has a direct contact with the stress of May mailings is invited to attend. This year there were 13 of us and we had elected to go to the The Salt Grass Steak House. No way was I going to miss a good steak, and when I got to Coupland the rain let up just enough to convince me to keep going.

What I should have done was go on to Taylor before making the turn westward to Hutto. I mistakenly took the country short cut that I've grown to love and the going was pretty rough, with water beginning to slosh across the road in places. But thoughts of steak and very careful driving got me to work instead of landing me in the ditch.

The steak was great, we had a good time, and I managed to eat myself silly. Well worth getting drenched for.

In other news, a good part of my vacation was spent working on a new dollhouse and it's coming right along. Despite the helpful advice being handed out lavishly by the heathen cats.

Bob and Gainsborough are getting along famously and the aquarium is staying clean. Bob is one good little cleaner-upper.

Mojo and Coco are settling into their new positions as joint second in command to the leader of the pack. They think the house has never been so well run as it has been since they took over. Except they haven't figured out how to get Mommy to stop playing with the little pieces of wood.


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