Saturday, June 16, 2007

News From Abroad

The travelers have arrived in Copenhagen safely. Now us folks at home can rest a little easier. Always a little antsy when I know they are in flight. The word from brother:

"We got to Copenhagen (our bags too, yay) about 3pm, which would have been 9am your time. No incidents, everything appears very well organized. Kennedy airport in NY was the worst part but we made it ok.

"Tomorrow we go to the center of the city, some castles, and later Tivoli Gardens. Weather is nice, a little wet. The flight from NY to Madrid was RITZY. I could get used to that treatment. Fully reclining seats with massage and private video screen, hot towels, etc. etc. [Air] Iberia treated us like King and Queen.

"So far it all seems pretty familiar and everyone speaks English. McDonalds and Domino Pizza and Starbucks everywhere. But it looks like Europe for sure...the view from our hotel room is medieval."


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