Saturday, June 23, 2007


My best friends forever, namely Coco and Mojo, nearly got me arrested this evening. We were out on the gravel road, snooping around the new house construction, when I heard a car approaching. So I hurriedly scooped Coco up and then headed for Mojo, who was headed back my way but still a little ways off. Lo and behold, it was the cops making their rounds. They clearly saw me chasing down the little dogs who were not on a leash within the city limits. I decided to bluff and cheerily waved a dog at them, then headed back into my yard. Guess I caught them on a good day, because they waved back and went on their way. Good thing, because not only was I breaking the leash law, but I have not seen fit to register them with the City either. Of course nobody in their right mind would consider my itty bitty dogs as a public menace. The worse they could do would be get between your feet and trip you.

Our afternoon romps in the side yard led to an infrequent bath this week for the wee ones. Coco found something dead and rotting and went into a frenzy of rolling in it and came in stinking to high heaven. She took her bath with good grace, even though it ruined the fine odor she had acquired. Mojo, on the other hand, was in high dudgeon. He let me know in no uncertain terms that HE DIDN'T STINK, I had no business PUTTING SOAP ON HIM and I sure had no right to SCRUB HIS TUMMY and if I didn't quit he WOULD BITE MY HAND OFF AT THE WRIST. He did not seem to think it appropriate that I found that amusing and he didn't appreciate getting fully bathed despite his threats.

They both got their revenge when we went upstairs shortly afterward and they hopped up in the bed and proceeded to wallow their little wet bodies all over where I was going to sleep. It was a dampish night, because I was too tired at that point to deal with changing the bedding.

The cats are being perfect little heathens this week. Not sure what their complaint is, but they shredded a roll of toilet paper this morning and then snuck into my craft room and shredded the roll of paper towels I keep in there. Boo has expressed his intention to have Siamese betta for a late afternoon snack and thumbed his nose at me when I told him what would happen if I caught him up there with the aquarium again. I get no respect.

What do people without pets do for entertainment?


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