Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Never Learn

I've been holding out on you. Have not, until today, introduced you to the newest member of the family. Awhile back you may recall that I bought a Siamese Betta that I christened Scarlett O'Hara because the fish was brilliant red. Took a lot of ribbing about that, since everyone knows that the pretty Bettas are male. Scarlett lived a little over a year and I told myself not to do that again. I enjoyed having Scarlett around, but it's one more thing to take care of and my plate is pretty well full in that department.

But then one day recently I was cruising around Wal-Mart and happened around the corner where they have the little cups containing Bettas. I knew they were there and I had managed to ignore them fairly well up to that point. But that day, one of them fluttered at me as I passed, looked me straight in the eye, and said "I'm ready to go home now." So, I caved.

Naturally I no longer had any idea where my little fish tank was, so I bought a new one. A gallon sized tank that came with a motor so loud that I could not stand to have the thing in the bedroom with me. And it turned out I couldn't leave it in the family room either, because Boo and Scout decided it would be great fun to tip over the fish tank and see what that fluttery little thing was all about. So the new fish has been residing in the guest room, behind a closed door, and I've been feeling guilty because I keep on forgetting him.

Yes, him. This time I'm naming him appropriately. Meet Gainsborough, named for someone who had a bit to do with a certain Blue Boy.

You may realize from these photos that Gainsborough has a new 2.5 gallon home that he moved into today. It came with a motor that is quiet enough that he can come back into the bedroom and mingle with the family. Also large and heavy enough that I don't think the cats can tip this one over. I'm sure we will find out soon.

Next project is to find him a compatible companion to keep his tank clean. I'm thinking a Mystery Snail might be just the ticket. Maybe name him Moriarity.


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