Friday, June 08, 2007

Holy Crap

I've been working at home today so that my healthcare worker can have a rare 3-day weekend with her family. The morning was pretty much spent on a conference call with the office and then I had a stack of maintenance work to do that wasn't what I would call mentally challenging. So I switched on the television in my office for some mild distraction. What timing.

A quick surfing around the dial confirmed that there is absolutely nothing worth watching on daytime tv, so I stopped on CNN Headline News. And I was just in time for the Paris Hilton 3-ring circus. For the last two hours or so I've been watching the insanity unfold.

I don't know what is the most appalling factor in the whole mess. The Sheriff's apparent lack of sense in short-circuiting the judge's ruling? The horde of reporters causing such a riotous scene at her house? The arrival of the truck full of party materials for what may have been a celebration party Paris was planning for tonight in honor of her early release? The anchors on FOX news for their chortling delivery of afternoon's events? Geez, Louise. How many people have wasted their time watching this mess? (Yes, I'm guilty. It's been like watching a car wreck. At least I'm getting some work done while I watch.) How many resources of the Los Angeles court system have been used? How many idiot reporters should be sitting alongside Paris in jail for acting like fools outside her house? (Seems like a few arrests on obstruction of justice could have been handed out.) When did garbage like this escape the arena of soap opera and take on the status of news?

Is it too early for a drink?


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