Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I get these amused looks from folks when I say I'm going to get into selling on EBAY one of these days. Like, "You poor sap, you can't make any money doing that!" Nonetheless, while I've been culling my garage and closets for things to take to the thrift store, I tend to put things back in storage that have a chance of turning a profit someday on EBAY.

So, last night I'm reading the daily post of the Yarn Harlot's blog and she happens to mention that a book named Principles of Knitting has gotten so scarce that it is bringing in big bucks and causing knitters to have heart palpitations when they happen across one in yard sales. Guess what? I have a copy that I bought when it was first published. It sits on my bookshelf in pretty much pristine condition. When I read her comments, I figured it was probably worth $75 or so on the EBAY market.

Imagine my surprise to find two copies currently on EBAY, each over $100 at the moment and with days to go. I went over to the Advanced Book Exchange and found 3 dealers offering copies at $322, $450, and $598.

So, there. My pack rat ways have for once been vindicated. The only problem is that until someone points out you have something of value, you may just think you have an old book taking up space on the bookshelf.


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