Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Sign of the Times

There's a trend that is giving me a few chuckles lately. There is nothing more irritating than the incessant cell phone ringtones that erupt all around you and the folks within the office who get constant calls have generally switched to vibrate mode while at work.

Which has led to all the men in the office periodically clutching their pants pockets when the things go off. Looks like they are having some kind of spasm. What's really funny is to be in a group of them and have this semi-constant clutching making the rounds of the group. Makes it look like a big mosquito is flitting from one to another and they are slapping at it.

How did we live before those cell phones came into our lives? It was quieter and our men only made spectacles of themselves when they had an itch or were checking to make sure everything was still there.


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