Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scenery, Part 3

Now for a little something different. We shall call it:

Scenery Designed by Hell

The entire area of Hutto and Round Rock is dotted with these hideous houses. I ask you, if your son or daughter declared their intentions upon entering college to be an architect, would you not expect that they would learn something other than the design of a cardboard box? All of these houses, from the back, look like a square cardboard box. They remind me of the boxes that would be turned over to me when I was a child and the family acquired a new appliance. Square with little square holes cut in for windows. The one level houses look equivalent to the box that might have held a television set, while the two level houses look very reminiscent of the box that brought the washing machine. There are even apartments in these towns that look the same, but have three levels. Think the box that brought the refrigerator.

And don't make the mistake that the fronts of these monstrosities look any better. Boring, bland, cardboard box design. I have to tell you, if it was my kid that designed these blights on the landscape, I would be exploring the possibility of suing the school that gave him or her their degree and implied that they had talent. They are also crammed up next to each other and then surrounded by ugly privacy fences that look like the slightest puff of wind would topple them. The chimneys are little square columns that teeter drunkenly on the rooftops. And the sad part is these are upper middle income housing that are going for ridiculous prices.

Excuse me while I go rinse the bad taste out of my mouth with a little bit of pine tar soap. I don't know which is worse - that the builders keep churning out this dreck or that people actually zoom in and buy them while construction is still in progress. Tasteless builders, tasteless buyers. And when I drove through one of these neighborhoods this afternoon, a sign proudly proclaimed that this was the So-and-So division, "a restricted neighborhood where deed restrictions are enforced". Well, gee, that's comforting. You not only buy an ugly house, you have to keep it that way.

Now back to our original theme, namely:

Scenery Designed by God

This photo does not begin to do justice to the beauty of this field alongside the Sayers Road. Now this is an architect who knows what he's doing.


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