Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Scenery, Part 2, and Other Musings

So, when I'm not looking at corn and checking the progress of the cotton crop, I enjoy the odd stretches like this one where the trees meet over the road and make a canopy.

I must admit the last 10-12 miles of my commute are not so pleasant. Highway 79 between Hutto and Round Rock is under construction. I believe they are widening the road and it's a total mess right now. However, those 1o miles or so are nowhere near as bad as the 42 miles of road construction I used to drive. (I swear the road crews in Austin complete one stretch and then go back to the beginning and rip up what they built and start over.)

Which brings me to the gripe of the day. Every other day or so they block off one lane of the highway, forcing all the commuting traffic to creep through in the one lane left. The odd thing is, they never seem to be actually doing anything in that blocked off lane that would account for the need to make it off limits. I think there are some folks out there that get their jollies by random placement of orange traffic cones to create the most aggravation possible. But then again, if I had to work out in the recent rain and hot Texas sun, I might create some havoc myself.

Good news for the day - I finally am done with May. For two weeks I've been working nights and weekends and it's over. For awhile, anyway. Maybe I can get back to being a human being again.

Good news for the week - I have officially dropped FOUR sizes since the beginning the diet. At least from the waist down. From the waist up, I've dropped 2-3 sizes (depending on the label). I spent part of Memorial Day trying on clothes at Beall's (in an effort to distract myself from the depression that set in with the loss of Xana). I could not find anything that fit me until it occurred to me that maybe it was because I had gone down another size. Sure enough, I have moved into a size 8 where slacks are concerned. A small ray of light in a very dismal day.


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