Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scenery, Part 1

The corn is as high as an elephant's eye in the Rices Crossing area right now. There are stretches where the road is banked by head-high corn on both sides and you can't see anything else, except the sky above you. I love it. Guess that's my Granddaddy Hodge's blood in me.

The fields are muddy after all the rain, so I wasn't able to get out in the middle of the corn to take a picture like I wanted to do. I wanted to get far enough in that I could see nothing but corn. But I was able to get right up next to the edge of the field and look down toward the end.

The ears are plumping up and I'm sure that means picking is not far behind and thrashing the cornstalks is not far behind that. But for now, I'm enjoying my corny daily drive.

(Why do I hear a dry chuckle in my mind? My grandfather always seemed amused when I was around. He's probably getting a big kick out of the city grandkid's love of the country in her middle years.)


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