Friday, May 11, 2007

In Passing

Me & Aunt Nell

At the reunion last weekend my aunt and I discussed various memories of the past. Along the way she told me how she has started a notebook detailing the history of some of the family heirlooms that will someday pass on to her daughter and granddaughters. It reminded me of one of those embarrassing moments of my childhood.

My grandmother collected two full sets of china through weekly purchases of grocery store specials with the intention that each of her granddaughters (she had just two at the time) would inherit a complete set of china from her. I was probably about 8 or so when she told me that I would receive the pretty set with the pink roses when she "passed on". I was suitably impressed.

So I naturally had to share the news at the first opportunity. We were visiting my other grandparents in Elgin not long afterwards. I was overheard telling my aunt Linda all about the china I would someday get when my grandmother "passed out".

Grandma ended up giving me the set of china years before she did pass on. Its pretty pink roses always remind me of her. Which was the true inheritance.


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