Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mojo Has a Bad Morning

My little boy woke up okay this morning, but then an hour or so later I realized something was wrong. He was huddled beside my chair, shivering and looking miserable. He shrank from being touched. His little stub was tucked as tight against his bottom as was possible. I couldn't figure out what had happened in such a short period of time. He had only had a few bites of bacon and had barely been outside.

So I picked him up and tucked him in the chair beside me. For another hour he hid his face and flinched any time I put my hand on him. He was a miserable little boy. At long last I heard a gurgle in his tummy and the sound of a little bit of gas escaping. My little boy had a bad tummy ache.

I think part of his problem was how long it took me to realize he didn't feel well. When he knew I had finally caught on, he wanted me to sit and hold him. So I got a book and sat down and let him take a nap in my lap. When he woke up, his tummy ache was gone and he was himself again. Nothing like a nap in Mommy's lap to cure what ails you.

It was too bad that when he woke up and we went outside for a little potty break, he picked up two stickers in his foot. Mommy took care of that, too, but he didn't think it was at all fair that they hurt just as badly coming out as going in.

And it's really not fair that a Mojo should have to hurt in any way at any time. But if it should happen, it's good that Mommy can fix. He's kept close beside me all day, just in case.


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