Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Finest Kind

I don't know whether it is a colloquialism of Maine or if it was just Richard Hooker's invention in the novel M*A*S*H, but one of the characters in the book would say "finest kind" to describe the ultimate of something.

Well, here is the finest kind as pertains to dogs. They are not only great assistants, but they are great stress relievers. For me, anyway. You will notice that Xana is playing her keep away game. She likes to guard a milkbone from the other two. Drives Mojo crazy that she won't eat it and she won't let him have it.

They love the days I work at home. They've been my constant companions today. We've watered plants and had water hose fights and we've run big circles in the yard. We've taken naps and stolen part of Mom's lunch. We've had a good day.

And Mom made a big dent in the back log of work.


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