Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Xana and Me

Last evening I had to get a prescription filled for Mother. When I went back to the pharmacy to pick it up, I let Xana ride along with me. That did not make the two little ones at all happy, but the old girl likes a little special treatment now and then.

Poor Xana is beginning to fear that every trip in the car means a trip to the vet and a jab with a needle. When she realized that we were headed to a drive-through, she got all happy. Nothing she likes better than a chance to lean out the window and look inside a drive through window. She was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a hamburger joint, but she enjoyed watching the birds that nest in the rafters of the HEB pharmacy canopy.

After we completed our business, I drove her slowly through our old neighborhood with the windows open and she sniffed and sniffed and sniffed with utter satisfaction.

She was a happy little dog when she got back to the house and got herself thoroughly inspected by the ones who were left behind. She thinks it's right and proper that they should be reminded who is top dog around here.


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