Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SLC, FHL and Me

Today we flew to Salt Lake City for the fourth time. Amazing how much shorter the trip has become. I'm getting used to the flying, I guess. Almost fell asleep at one point.

The flight to Dallas was uneventful, except that we had 40 minutes between planes and we were stepping lively to reach the SkyLink that took us clear across the airport to the other terminal. Have you noticed it seems to be a rule that wherever you land in Dallas, your connecting flight will be on the opposite side of the airport? Anyway, we had just enough time to make a restroom stop before boarding.

Since I flew American in November, they've stopped serving free snacks. You can still have complimentary sodas and coffee, but if you want to eat you have to cough up $3. Fortunately we both thought to bring along snack bars, so we managed to keep from caving in from hunger.

About 45 minutes out of Salt Lake City we were informed that it was snowing there. We flew above the clouds most of the way and during that last leg we were in the clouds. And it was a bumpy ride. And I was calm and cool through the whole thing. Actually the scariest part of the whole trip was the 2o minute cab ride to the hotel. I think the guy was trying to break some kind of speed record.

We ate and hit the library for a few hours. We quickly got back into the groove there, but our long day began to catch up with us and I was beginning to nod off in the middle of the stacks. We decided it would be a good idea to get a good night's sleep and start in earnest tomorrow. Besides Lost was about to come on.

Right now I'm sitting here looking out over the city and a snowy mountain and hail is hitting the patio door. Far cry from Texas.


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