Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tea and Art

About 15 years ago, I bought a set of black oriental miniature furniture in an antique store. It's been a long time in finding a place in a room setting, but today I finally created a vignette that I've named "Tea and Art".

The box is a display case usually employed for displaying collectible footballs. The sides are glass and highly reflective, which makes taking photos difficult. Hopefully you can tell what's going on here.

The focal point for the room was purchased a couple of weeks ago in San Antonio. The red chair is by Bespaq, a high-end line of miniatures. This is the one and only piece I own, primarily because I can't usually afford it. I happened across a 30% discount that allowed this chair to come home with me.

On the floor is a red Persian-style rug. There are two cork miniature scenes, one purchased in an antique store and the other from World Market. On the round table at left are three porcelain vases with white and blue designs. Mini-Ming. A black screen stretches around the chair and is flanked by two small display tables that each hold a mini "ivory" Buddha. At the far side of the box is a red, carved trunk that I found at an antique store some time back. Above it is a painting of a lovely oriental lady dressed in red. To the right of the painting is a tall display unit holding an "ivory" pagoda that was unearthed on a junking tour of Georgetown. In the far corner is a black chest that holds a red Buddha statue purchased at the outlet mall in San Marcos.

In front of the chair is a table holding a teapot, teacup and jar of Oolong tea. The owner of this room collects Chinese art and likes to sit and have a cup of tea while enjoying his surroundings.

See what trouble I can get into when I'm not having to worry about house cleaning?


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