Sunday, March 04, 2007

Living Ala Carte

I'm about ready to tackle dinner this evening. It seems that tonight I will be cooking 4 separate meals.

First of all, I plan to play hooky tomorrow, so I'm going to make chili beans out of the pot of beans I cooked yesterday and have them ready for tomorrow night.

Second, much to the frowning disapproval of the vet, I cook for my dogs. I don't like the words that appear in the ingredients portion of dog food labels. Like "by-products". Who wants to eat by-products of anything? My babies deserve to be fed decent food that could be ingested by humans. So, I shall be frying up some ground turkey to be mixed with a can of unsalted veggies for the dogs.

Third, I've suffered from sinus congestion all day. I slept very little last night, finally moving downstairs to the couch in a fit of desperation. By morning I had been joined by two of the dogs and had had to get up once to lock the cats in the utility room because they wanted to play with my feet. I had no choice but to work most of the day so that I could afford to play hooky tomorrow and I sat here at the desk oozing vile things from my nose and trying to focus on the CRT while my head was vibrating. I finally began to feel better about 4PM, took a hot shower, dressed in comfy clothing and decided I should whip up a batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup. That should make me feel all better.

But Mother doesn't like Chicken Tortilla Soup, so I'm also preparing a steak and salad for her.

That's four separate meals I'm cooking tonight. I think I may have missed my calling. I should really be a short order cook.


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