Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ken and Barbie and Xana and Scout

Way, way back in about 1963, I acquired one of the very first Ken dolls. Those first Kens sported fuzzy hair that did not hold up well to play. My Ken became pretty much bald in a very short period of time. Mother remedied the situation with a black marker and Mattel, realizing they had a design problem, moved to a Ken with a molded head of hair.

Skip ahead 45 years. Mattel has been reissuing anniversary dolls and Ken turned 45 this past year. So they issued an anniversary edition of the very doll I had, complete with flocked hair. I couldn't resist. Today my old Ken (on the left) met the new/old Ken (on the right). My old Ken lost his swim trunks somewhere over the last 45 years, but you'll notice his sandals are still in pretty good shape. The new Ken is a fraction taller and his head is a bit rounder, but he's not far from the original.

Also in the shipment I received today was the latest in the Barbie and Ken Wizard of Oz dolls. When I get a chance, I will get them all out and take a photo. I have Barbie as Dorothy, Glenda the Good Witch and now as the Wicked Witch of the West. I have Ken as the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. I also have a few Kelly/Tommy dolls portraying some of the Munchkins. The cool thing about my new Barbie Wicked Witch is that she's green, right down to her legs. It's a weird collection, but we all have to collect something, right?

I worked at home today so I could run Xana over to the vet in Elgin for a follow up visit. We were pleased that her weight has held, her blood work came back improved and the doctor felt she was responding well to her fluid treatments and new drug. There's no escaping we have an elderly dog, but she's stabilized somewhat and that's good news.

Sometime during the afternoon I glanced over at the window seat and saw that Scout was still for a change. Not only still, but being incredibly lazy.

What a hard life.


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