Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Dog

Mojo is in bliss today. This morning I went out and hosed off the deck and it's the first time since last summer he has been able to fight the water hose. Thorougly wet, but utterly satisfied, he stuck by my side while I disassembled the "greenhouse" on the other deck. He barked at squirrels, fought the broom while I swept the debris of 3 months of plant droppings off the deck, and again got to attack the water hose when we watered down the liberated plants.

Mom, thoroughly exhausted, sat down for a second cup of coffee and an episode of I Love Lucy. Mojo jumped up in the chair beside me and snuggled down beside me. Then he turned toward me and gave me a look of complete satisfaction. For an instant his eyes took on the triangular shape that was Bebop's unique way of showing his total happiness. It was almost as if Mojo was channeling my former best helper. Caught me off guard. For a split second it was Bebop sitting beside me.

I would not be at all surprised if I had two helpers with my work this morning.


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