Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back Away From the Potty

In my ongoing effort to keep the cats from getting bored (actually it is an effort to reduce the scattering of litter), I purchased a Kitty Kabana yesterday. It's a tent-like contraption that fits around their electric litter pan to "provide privacy" for your cat. I put the thing together this afternoon and renovated the kitty toilet area.

I had lots of help with this venture. Boo was quite concerned that Mom was doing something to his potty. It's his potty, thank you very much, and nobody should be doing anything to it except cleaning it and adding litter now and again. He paced around in the background until I had everything put back together and left the room. He wasted no time in getting inside and scoping out the situation.

He has been completely mesmerized by the whole situation. He can't quite bring himself to leave it for more than a few minutes, I guess for fear that it will do something bizarre and he will miss the fun. He has tested it for all the intended purposes and found that it still works. He thinks he likes the "privacy" and is considering just moving in there.

I figure by this time tomorrow the thing will be in shreds.


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