Monday, January 15, 2007

You Have to Wonder Some More

Here I sit, surrounded by napping puppies and anticipating another day of holiday thanks to the ice storm of 2007. A few more things have set me wondering this evening.

1) All the spam that I delete several times a day that purport to be easy access for any drug you might feel the need to ingest - are there idiots that really respond to these things? The ungrammatical and pitiful presentations inspire such confidence of quality assurance. Of course there are people who will buy unknown drugs from slezoids on the street, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

2) See #1. With all the brilliant hackers and programmers out there, why hasn't somebody created something that will zap that stupid sh*t out of existence instead of letting it mutate and multiply?

3) Don't you think that whoever is behind Oxy Clean, Hercules Hooks, etc., could find a better spokesperson than Billy Mays, whose voice is somewhat akin to fingernails on a chalkboard? I automatically hit the mute button when his annoying voice begins. Is this really the reaction they want from their viewers? Or does he own the company and nobody will sit him down and tell him the truth?

4) My dogs recognize a surprising number of words. Every now and then I catch them unexpectedly responding to a word that I wasn't aware they know. This week Mojo began perking his ears and giving me an alert and quizzical look when I say the word "wonderful". I can't figure out why he is showing such a marked interest in this particular word. He must either think he is, or it sounds like something he likes. Still puzzling over that one.

5) What on earth was I thinking when I said "why don't you bring me two kittens?".


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