Monday, January 01, 2007

Ringing in the New Year

Happy 2007!

It occurred to me this morning that this is the first time in many years that I have not felt any need to resolve to lose weight. Not that I ever make real resolutions (who needs to feel like a failure first thing in the year?). But it's something I can feel good about right off the bat. Down 23 pounds since Labor Day. My goal for the holidays (i.e., Thanksgiving through Christmas) was not to gain any weight and not to stew about not losing any. I've maintained well and now that the holidays are over, I can see about dropping those last few pounds. Definitely a goal that is within reach.

The hard goal for the moment is to get busy and get all the family history data I've gathered over the last year put into the computer in time for my Salt Lake City trip in April. It's a daunting task and I've just barely scratched the surface. One good thing about making that regular pilgrimage is that I am forced to get my records updated before each trip so I don't waste time redoing research.

Goal number two is to get to work on my miniatures hobby. I spent the last day of 2006 prowling through my mountain of "stash" to remind myself what is on hand for the long list of projects that I've been collecting toward, in some cases for years.

Goal number three is to get back out in the garage and tackle another round of de-junking. Seems like every time I get a foothold on the situation, another batch of someone else's treasures gets dumped in there and I'm back to re-sorting and re-organizing. My motivation at present is to get enough space cleared out that my ab-lounger can live out there and I can get back to a little bit of toning exercise when the weather warms up a bit.

Goal number three-B is to do the same sorting and disposing and clearing of space in the closets.

Goal number four is to add another level of personal care to my current regimen of twice monthly massages and reflexology sessions. I think a monthly pedicure, perhaps. Some indulgences are just flat out necessary.

Goal number five is to get the income tax data gathered before the end of February. I finally made the decision to have my returns done by a CPA, but I still hate that gathering of data that is necessary. I wonder if death by paper drowning is possible? I spend a lot of time treading paper.

I think that's probably enough to tackle at the beginning of the year. My ultimate goal is just to learn to let somebody else fight the dragons. I plan to spend as much time as possible this year enjoying myself. Life is short. Don't sweat the small stuff.


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