Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Contentious They Are

The route I take to work these days is a lot different than what I've been used to for the past 30 years commuting to Austin via Highway 71. It was immediately apparent to me that some folks out in the country around Coupland are not happy with the guvmint. Just south of Coupland is this protest of the Trans Texas Corridor. Bless his heart, I believe he's lost the fight, but I feel for him.

A little ways on down the road, between Rices and Normans Crossings are signs like this, posted in every field for about 6-8 miles.

Another house has a sign I was not able to photograph, since there always seems to be somebody around that would spot me and I don't want to get on their bad side. Those folks have a beef with the Texas Department of Transportation and have a large sign declaring that anybody with that particular agency had best KEEP OFF their property or be faced with criminal trespassing charges.

I imagine there are a lots of folks that drive past these signs and either cluck to themselves or get downright hostile about the protests. Personally I find these efforts applaudable. To stand up to the big guys takes guts these days. And that's what being an American patriot is all about. Standing up for what you think is right. Civil disobedience when it's called for. Exercising freedom of expression, our number one right.

And if it was my land that was in danger of being grabbed and defaced, I would be taking whatever steps I could to make sure everybody within hearing knew I wasn't happy about it.

More power to them.


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