Monday, January 15, 2007


What a way to spend a 3-day weekend. Locked inside with all the window shades down to conserve heat. Intermittent dashes outside with the 3 dogs, who squat as fast as they can and then bolt back to the house shaking off the cold rain.

Boo cat has been helping me go outside and get the morning paper. (It's not so much for him as for me, to keep him from dashing out under my feet when I come back in.) This morning he ran to the door, eager for his morning chore, but when the first spray of cold mist hit him he was more than ready to head back inside. He was a squirming, panicky little bundle of fur on the walk back from the end of the driveway.

So far Bastrop is being spared the worst. We have a lot of cold rain, but the temperature has been well above freezing. That may change along about 2PM today, when we expect to drop into the 20s. I doubt there is much chance I will be going in to the office tomorrow. I learned a long time ago that even if I can't connect to the office from the home computer, nothing on my desk is worth risking my neck or my car. This little old lady has no intention of ever driving in icy conditions again, unless the destination is the emergency room. And, conveniently enough, an emergency room has opened up just around the corner from the subdivision entrance, so even that would not be a major problem.

So, the word from our healthcare worker is that she doesn't think she wants to venture out today (and probably tomorrow). Can't say that I blame her. I think I will tuck Mother in with a couple of dog warmers and then settle down with the cats and enjoy a day of enforced inactivity.

And maybe I might just have to have a toddy a little later on to warm my insides.


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