Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two Days Before Christmas

And all through the house, the creatures are sleeping. A vast improvement from earlier this morning when the heathen cats were bouncing off the walls and the dogs were attempting to discipline them before Mom got any more irritable. Finally their energy gave out and they are fast asleep. I know the chaos will break out again, but for now I am enjoying the peace.

The office move has resulted in a couple of unscheduled vacation days, which gives me a stretch of 6 whole days of Christmas vacation. Yesterday I ran a few errands, but today I'm indulging myself in a day of doing what I want with no apologies. I'm liking it so well, I may keep to the same routine for the next 5 days.

It's been a long time since I have been in the mood to work on my family notebooks. This morning I finally got tombstone photos that I took during the April trip to Indiana and Illinois filed in the appropriate places. I have sorted the stack of "to be filed" into folders by family name and now I can begin evaluating the value of all this material I've gathered. I've taken one over-stuffed notebook and created two. In short, I'm finally getting some things done that have been long overdue.

Not sure what the afternoon and evening will bring. The rain dripping off the house is tempting me to crawl back into bed with the dogs and watch an old movie or two. Why not?

How nice to have several days with nothing that has to be done.


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