Friday, December 29, 2006


Out with the old. Here is the state of my old office on my last day at the old location. We spent about 25 years in the old building. During that time I lived in about a half-dozen different places on the second floor, with this being my home away from home the last 3-4 years.

Every where for a week before the move were piles and piles of yellow moving crates.

In with the new. Today was my first day in my new office at the new location. Still a lot of unpacking to do, but it's beginning to look like home. (I have a new roommate, you may note. The old computer, which is being phased out, will be living in the corner of my office until it croaks its last.)

The commute has increased by 10 miles one way and I now drive through farm land nearly the whole way on two lane farm-to-market roads. I'm still undecided whether the loss of bumper to bumper traffic offsets the increased mileage, but I'm thinking it may not be so bad in the long run. However, today's commute home was not an auspicious beginning. The rain began to pour down in buckets, with occasional peltings of hail. It's bad enough driving on divided highways with idiot drivers, but it's worse driving on undivided country roads with idiot drivers. It was white knuckle driving today. Of course, it can only get better now.

So ends an era. I've been with the company through two major moves now. I expect the next time they will do it without me. If there's a God in heaven.


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