Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The High Cost of Health Care

I may not have to put any kids through college, but I sure haven't escaped the medical bills. Today I provided another car payment for somebody at the Elgin Vet Hospital.

This was some day. I started off first thing hauling all the animals over to Elgin. The two kittens had one more round of kitten shots and they shared a carrier. They did not go quietly. They fussed and fumed all the way to Elgin and all the way back. In usual fashion, the whole time they were in the exam room they purred so loud that the doctor and technicians were cracking up.

Coco went along for a pedicure. I promised her no shots, but then the tech managed to cut not one, but three nails too short and we had blood spurting everywhere. That was fun.

Mojo was there for a follow up on his surgery. And a nail trim. (I've found it's well worth paying to have somebody else have to deal with all the hysterics and hissy fits that happen when David and I try to do nail trims at home.) His incision is healing nicely and he's lost a wee bit of weight and has been pronounced to be doing well. His bald butt is gradually growing hair again, so he doesn't look like a mangy orphan any longer.

Xana ended up having to spend the day in hospital and will have to go back again tomorrow and Friday. She is having another sinking spell, probably related to her ongoing renal problems, and is getting fluids and antibiotics. We've entered the elder years when we will have to do these periodic hospitalizations to keep her going.

I really think we single folks with furry children should be able to put the little guys on our health care policy. This is getting expensive, especially when you have a surgery one month and a hospitalization the next month. Add to that the ongoing expense of Xana's nutritional supplement, heartworm preventive for 3, and Mojo's anti-inflammatory medicine until he is fully recovered. It's as much time and energy and cost to take care of the herd as it is to manage Mother.

It's no wonder we are greeted with smiles and open arms when we enter the clinic. We represent a steady cash flow. But, bottom line, my babies are well cared for. I'm a wreck and my checkbook is in shreds, but the dogs and cats are sleeping peacefully around me, secure in the knowledge that Mom will spend her last dollar on them if necessary.


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