Saturday, December 16, 2006

Heathen Cat

It seems like every time I casually refer to the kittens as the "heathens", some poor innocent gives me a look and says "how can you say that about those sweet little kittens?" Hah. Sweet, my you-know. Does this look sweet?

I present as evidence exhibit A. It used to be my piano lamp. This morning it became a pile of glass shards. Mr. Boo decided to explore the top of the piano this morning about 6:30. CRASH!!!!

I was not pleased to have to haul out the vacuum and sweep up glass before I even had my first cup of coffee. I was not pleased to discover about a half-dozen scars in my piano where the lamp bounced on its way to the floor. I was not pleased later in the day when I did some searching on the internet to discover how expensive it will be to replace the glass shade.

Boo beat a hasty retreat and did not resurface for an hour or so, at which time he strolled in, jumped in my lap and pretended he had no idea that he was in disgrace. And that insane purr.

Heathen, indeed.


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